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Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education

Educator Awards

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2018 Award Winners

Ohio ACTE Teacher of the Year Award

David Campbell, Butler Technology Career and Development Schools

   With over 20 years of experience in career-tech education and a passion for student               success, David Campbell is this year’s Teacher of the Year Award winner. “Mr. Campbell is     one of those teachers who changes the lives of children. When you walk in his room, you       immediately feel his energy and the energy he creates for his students,” said his                     nominator, Kristen AbuDakar. David currently teaches in the Northwest Local School               District, and he instills a love of learning in all his students.  The students in his CTE               engineering program not only learn, but they bring their knowledge to the elementary             school to teach younger students about robotics and engineering as well. He is also a             trailblazer in career-tech Education, lobbying for college credit and dual credit for the               students in his program. For the first time this year, his 2-year CTE program will allow students the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies. He spends countless hours collaborating with other teachers, educators, businesses, and colleges to give his students unlimited opportunities for learning. He is very involved in his community and encourages his students to be involved, as well.  David always puts students first, and not only shows them options and pathways for their future careers, but he ensures that they are prepared to succeed.

Administrator of the Year Award

Amy Schakat, Coordinator of Career Technical Education, South Western City School

 Amy Schakat has been with the South Western City School District for five years, and     has been the driving force in reshaping the face of career-tech education in the   district. She has developed many courses and programs to ensure students are prepared for the changing workforce.  Her nominator, Denise Giesecke, said, “She is forward thinking, closely connected to business and industry and works tirelessly to ensure the success of all students.” In her expansive career in education, Amy has served as a teacher, principal, and special education director before becoming the coordinator of career technical education. As an administrator, she works to set students up for lifelong success and believes that given the opportunity, everyone can accomplish great things.

Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year Award

Brian Marimon, Great Oaks Career Campuses

As a career-technical graduate himself, Brian Marimon is bringing his knowledge and life experiences back to his students. He graduated from the automotive collision program at Diamond Oaks Career Campus, and then spent several years gaining real world experience at a local dealership then with an aerospace company.  He is passionate about career-tech education, and serves as an ambassador not just for the program he teaches, but for all adult and high school programs at Great Oaks. Brian helped organize a booth for Great Oaks at the Cavalcade of Customs, one of the top car trade shows in southwest Ohio. The booth showcases work from multiple programs and the talented students within those programs. His desire to see all students succeed, no matter what field they choose or program they decide to attend, makes him an outstanding educator and advocate for student success.

Outstanding New Career and Technical Teacher Award

Jennifer Frith, Great Oaks Career Campuses

   “Frith’s enthusiasm, desire to learn and improve her own teaching, and connection with         students have made her a new teacher with a big impact,” said Jennifer Frith’s nominator,     Jon Weidlich. Before joining Great Oaks, Jennifer was the first female patrol officer for the     city of Deer Park. When Jennifer became a teacher with Great Oaks, the law enforcement     program was on the verge of being cut altogether. Enrollment in the program had                   plummeted and it was changed from a two-year program to one-year.  Jennifer quickly got     to work making the program better. She created opportunities for students to connect with     local law enforcement professionals, bringing in members of local SWAT teams, her               former Deer Park colleagues, and other law enforcement staff.  She also collaborated with     her teaching colleagues to develop lessons based on forensic procedures. Her students         are involved in their community, giving safety lessons to younger children and checking         seat belts for safety as students leave for the day. Jennifer has made recommendations for curriculum modifications, improved passage rates for professional certifications, involved more students in SkillsUSA, and overall improved the Law Enforcement Program for Great Oaks.

Outstanding Educator in Community Service Award

Jeff Bertke, Upper Valley Career Center

   Jeff Bertke works tirelessly to improve his community, and instills that same value in his       students. One of his biggest accomplishments this past year was creating a community       learning center in the Piqua community. He and his students wrote a Lowes/SkillsUSA         grant for the supplies, rewired an area of a church for the learning center, set up the             WiFi, and painted the area.  It is now a safe space for students to come after school and     do their homework. He has also involved his students in the “Sound the Alarm, Save a         Life” program through the American Red Cross. On Saturdays, Jeff and his students           install smoke detectors and educate the Piqua community about fire safety.  Along with       his many other accomplishments, Jeff was named last year’s Ohio SkillsUSA Advisory of the Year. His good work and dedication to his community has not gone unnoticed.

Career Guidance Award

Laurie Mischell, Butler Technology Career and Development Schools

For nine years, Laurie Mischell has served the students of Butler Tech’s Bio Science Center. She stays current on all the bioscience related fields and counsels students about career paths, college opportunities and scholarships, and facilitates volunteer events for students to be involved in their community. Student scholarships have increased because of her relentless dedication, from $600,000+ in 2014 to more than $2.5 million in 2017. She has a background in business, and fosters relationships with local businesses, colleges, and high schools to expose students to various experiences and increase their global competitive skills. She also co-advises the Bioscience Center Chapter of National Technical Honor Society. “Laurie is a roll up your sleeves and get it done person who is willing to invest her expertise in the next generation of leaders, community members, and health care professionals. We are privileged to have her as part of our Butler Tech team,” said her nominator, Crissy Laterbach.

Ambassador Award

Nancy Mulvey, Great Oaks Career Campuses

 In 1986, Nancy Mulvey began her education career as a math instructor at Great           Oaks. Since then, she has been working tirelessly to further the impact of career-           technical education and increase career-technical opportunities. Nancy worked to           bring school-based mental health programs to Great Oaks, and led a redesign of           special education delivery.  She was a founding member of the District Equity                 Committee, with the goal of increasing inclusion, equity, and respect in the school. As   Dean of Diamond Oaks Career Campus, she made sure career-tech has a presence in the community. She involved the campus in the Harvest Home Parade, a tradition in the community.  In addition to her work with Great Oaks, she serves on the national NCLA Board and is a past president, she is a member of the ACTE Administrative Policy Committee, and, locally, she is on the Board of the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce. She is a four-time OACTE Pacesetter Award winner, and was a member of the Aspiring Superintendents.

Image Award

Jared Ebbing, Mercer County Economic Development Director

 Jared Ebbing has served as Mercer County’s Economic Development Director since   2009. He has worked closely with Tri Star Career Compact during his tenure, supporting   many initiatives. He created the Hometown Opportunity Website, a job board where   companies post positions, job-seekers can search for employment opportunities, and   students can find job shadowing experiences. Communication and cooperation between   education and industry has increased immensely because of this initiative. Jared also   serves as a STEM Robotics Coach for Coldwater Schools, helped create a Workforce   Development Initiative for Auglaize and Mercer Counties, provides individual STEM   grants to every Mercer County School District, and provided $25,000 of economic   development funds to purchase a robot for Tri Star’s REC Tech program. Jared has   shown his strong dedication and passionate support for career technical education   through his many initiatives and presentations to students, administrators, teachers, and   counselors.

Outstanding School Board Members:

Charlie Bess -Adams County Ohio Valley Schools 

Charlie Bess has been a consistent proponent of all things career-tech during her tenure as a board member for Adams County Ohio Valley Schools. Charlie heads up the Career and Technical Committee and oversees all major growth activities involved with the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center (OVCTC). Her accomplishments as a board member range from providing support for the expansion of programming (new full-scale Welding program, Early Childhood Education program, and the development of Health Careers Technology satellite program) to the establishment of communication and networks with community and business leaders that serve to benefit the career center. Charlie is an alumna of the Ohio Valley CTC and she wears her passion for career technical education on her sleeve, providing the leadership necessary to allow the OVCTC to thrive in rural Southern Ohio.

Jamie Callan - Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center

The role of a CTE board member presents challenges that are sometimes quite different from other school districts. Among these challenges is often the delicate balance between two different districts while keeping the vision of the entire community at the forefront. Jamie Callan maintains his status as a member of his local district’s board and also serves as the Springfield-Clark CTC’s Board President, continuing to be an excellent ambassador for the CTC within his community. He is a model leader and change agent, advocating for career technical education’s role in Clark County. He is a true leader within the board. He constantly problem solves and encourages the entire board to think critically and share their perspectives. He is a strong supporter of career-tech education and an excellent example of an outstanding board member.

Esther Larson -Warren County Career Center

Esther Larson began serving on the Warren County Career Center (WCCC) Board of Education in January 2008. She is the Lebanon City School District representative, which is one of the largest-sending partner districts for WCCC. She consistently advocates for career-tech education on her board, and also among her peers, as she is a former kindergarten teacher and has many connections with the staff at Lebanon and also among the Warren County Retired Teachers Association. She is a model board member, adhering to the guidelines of board governance, asking good questions, and doing her “homework” prior to board meetings so she can make intelligent comments. Esther understands the role of a board member as oversight of the mission and vision, and district governance. She is certainly a board member who has made the highest meritorious contributions to the improvement, promotion, development and governance of career technical and adult education in Ohio.

Sue Williams -Wayne County Schools Career Center

 Sue Williams has served on the Southeast Board of Education for 22 years and on the Wayne County Schools Career Center (WCSCC) Board of Education for 14 years. She is a committed board member who is informed, active, and accountable to her school and community. Sue believes being informed is the best way to make decisions for children. Her fellow board members say she is caring, trustworthy, and a good listener for the sake of making the best decisions for students, staff, and schools. Sue’s tireless devotion, advocacy, and passion for career technical education make her an outstanding board member.

David Yockey -Great Oaks Career Campuses

David Yockey is preparing to begin his second year as Chair of the 35-member Board of Directors. Representing Milford Exempted Village Schools, Dave has served Great Oaks on the Board of Directors since 2002. During that time, he was committee leader of the Education, Program Design and Evaluation Committee and the Administrative and Human Resources Committee, and served two years as Vice-Chairperson of the Board. He is a former high school teacher and director of adult education, and understands the needs of both students and staff—and acts accordingly as a board member. He is very involved with ACTE and OACTE, and brings a wealth of experience to his roles as chair of the Great Oaks Board of Directors, member of the Milford Board of Education, and advocate for career-technical education. Dave’s commitment to career-tech education makes him an outstanding board member.

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